We Are Blind

Maybe I’m just being too unassuming; too practical; too simple-minded.   But it just appears to me that if you keep poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick you’ll go blind.  And maybe we have already gone blind; blinded by the now almost weekly mass shootings in our country. (“Oh…another one of those?  So what channel is the Raiders game on?”)  We’ve been blinded by the NRA (a.k.a. Not Responsible for Anything) telling us the Second Amendment protects us from tyranny and that we all must have our military weapons to thwart takeover by a foreign invader (who are currently using Facebook & Twitter??) or a tyrannical government when we long ago surpassed the point where a citizen army could compete against government forces.  We’ve been blinded by a do-nothing Senate who refuses to consider protections that are supported by 90% of Americans because it is against their lead party’s platform.  We’ve been blinded by a President who blames inner-city problems on the ethnicity of the mayors.  And, we’ve been blinded by our societal trend towards being only concerned over what affects “ME” at this moment in time; let the future generations fend for themselves.

It’s time to consider what the more progressive societies have done, as did New Zealand.  Ban private ownership of all military weapons; limit sporting weapon capacities to 6 rounds; require background checks and licensing of ALL firearm ownership.  I own 6 guns; two of them will have to go.  So be it.   Yes, there are hidden dangers, but minimal compared to where we are headed at this time.

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