My take on life!

My take on life!

Being that I’m a biologist and accept the philosophy of secularism, I find I often have to explain my differentiation between being “Pro-Life” and “Pro Existence” as I definitely am pro-life, but only in a humanitarian sense.

To Me:

Life is NOT simply the merging of chromosomes and their subsequent advancement into a living organism; all organisms do this.

Life is NOT simply the beating of a heart and the movement of blood through a system.

Life is NOT the simply penance you pay for the chance at an everlasting heavenly existence of comfort.

Life is NOT being confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed with the inability to consciously move a limb; nor to eat, drink, or even think or comprehend your surroundings.

Life is NOT spending a good amount of my time on your knees to ensure an unproven salvation…or a favorable job interview.

Life is NOT never laughing, crying, loving…or being loved.

Life is NOT never having tasted sweet or sour or salt but being kept alive from birth through a feeding tube.

Life is NOT being hungry every day of your life or being exposed to heat and cold without the proper clothing or shelter.

Life is NOT being unwanted by your parents; by your community; by society; by your government.

Life is NOT fearing the infliction or continuousness of pain.

Just to insist a heart keep beating and blood flowing is not pro-life, it’s pro-existence.  It’s a lose/lose on all sides and not in keeping with the evolutionary order of life on this planet.

To Me:

Life IS being kissed, hugged and cuddled by your parents; by your children; by your friends.

Life IS putting on a warm coat and going out in the snow; lying in the sand on a warm beach.

Life IS watching the sun sink into the horizon over the ocean; seeing the moon coming up through the pine trees.

Life IS playing tag with your playmates; running along the hard sand at the ocean’s edge; climbing a tree; doing a cartwheel.

Life IS wearing a new pair of shoes; the smell of clean clothing.

Life IS tasting an apple; a Snickers bar; a piece of fried chicken.

Life IS listening to YoYo Ma’s cello or reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s poetry.

Life IS petting a dog; sitting with a purring cat on your lap.

Life IS laughing hysterically at the antics of your children; of your friends.

Life IS crying at the loss of a loved one; of a pet; of a species.

Life IS listening to the sound of a running stream; the song of a bird yet to be identified; a fleeting glimpse of a deer as it disappears in the forest; the smell of  woodsmoke from the campfire.

Life IS a warm shower; fresh clean sheets.

Life IS a glass of good red wine; a cold beer on a hot day.

Life IS watching your partner caring for flowers in the garden; dressing your children; asleep next to you.

Life IS the satisfaction of doing something good for no other reason than just doing it.

Without such the ability to comprehend such things life is simply existence, the beating of the heart and the movement of blood…nothing more.   All organisms exist.   So when you tell me that existence is sacred and must be preserved at all costs, no matter it’s consequences as it’ll all work out after this life ceases, I must say…BULLSHIT!