Lying: The New American Distinguishing Character

We, as Americans, have learned to relish lying. We advocate it; laud it; and vote in favor of it. We attend rallies where lying is the primary element and wave our banners, flags and posters in support of it. Lying has become the ultimate process to dispute annoying scientific realities; to ignore history; to promote self-worth; and to increase corporate and personal wealth.

As lying has become the most valuable asset of those seeking to advance themselves politically and economically, we joyfully advance the most skillful liars to the highest of positions. Our citizenry is not only supportive, it is unduly proud of those who tell the most outstanding lies.

Given this fact, should we now develop university curricula to teach lying as a science; how best to apply it; when it is most affective; and toward whom it needs to be directed (e.g. Lying 1A and 1B)?

We fortunately have a President who is adept at this practice; Senators and congresspersons who fully support this activity; and now, 2 supreme court judges who have not only been accused of lying, but have been proven that they have done so under oath with impunity.

What has happened to us?

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