Roe, roe, roe your vote…

As usual, I’m confused. For most of my life I’ve watched the national news; followed the critical issues congress is faced with and strives to solve; and listened to our Presidents explain things in a logical manner. But somewhere along the line I’ve totally missed the disaster facing us by not overturning Roe v. Wade. As this issue appears so important that it pales all other issues I’m asking those of you who find this to be the sole driving issue of the 22nd century to please enlighten me as to how overturning Roe will:

• Promote world peace
• Curtail global warming
• Solve our opioid addiction problem
• Restore our crumbling infrastructure
• Eliminate pollution
• Activate a workable immigration system
• Reduce gun violence
• Create jobs thus eliminating homelessness
• Provide healthcare and education for all

I know there must be a valid and logical answer that has escaped me so, please, those of you who stand on the street corners with your signs and ignore our Constitutional commitment for separation of church and state, help me out here so I, too, can understand the crisis facing us if this is not carried out.

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