As Usual, I’m Confused

The latest polls indicate that 82% of Republicans support Trump and his actions.  Now I know a number of Republicans…used to know more before they dropped me due to my occasional forays into being a guest columnist in this paper and liberal essays on my web site.  Of the ones I still do associate with we stay far away from politics (and normally any issues related to science.)  But my impressions are these are pretty normal run-of-the-mill American citizens.  They send their kids to school; go on vacations here and abroad; obey our laws; go to ball games; and appear to love their children, grand-children, wives and friends.  But, the polls tell me that 8 out of 10 believe:

  • Lying is a virtue, not something to be condemned.
  • Abiding by the law only applies to the bourgeoisie and unskilled laborers. The rich can ignore it.
  • That it’s perfectly acceptable for males in positions of power to grope females of less stature.
  • That science is a scam, not to be believed especially when adversely affecting economic growth.
  • It’s better to pay fewer taxes than for their children to breathe clean air or drink clean water.
  • A nuclear war will be over quickly and they won’t be adversely affected.
  • That more military arms in the possession of an untrained citizenry is a God-given right.
  • The National Debt is nothing to worry about.
  • Only well-to-do people deserve health care.
  • That in some point in human history trickle-down economics really worked.

Now, as I said, we don’t talk politics so I don’t ask them their opinions on these issues.  I know most of them are church-goers so I’m curious just what values the churches are teaching their parishioners these days.  It sure has me confused.

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