Dictator in Training

There are basically two principal steps in the establishment of a successful dictatorship.  The first is to ensure that your supporters need not abide by existing laws as long as they continue to support your objectives.  The second is the imprisonment and/or disappearance of those who do not support your objectives.  We have now noted the first principal has been implemented, both in the selection of the cabinet and now in the courts; can the second be far behind?

It is laughable to see the hand-picked crowds at the political rallies holding up posters (obviously handed out at the door), t-shirt slogans, and a plethora of “Make America Great Again” ball caps acting like trained seals, barking on cue.  And they are too stupid to realize they are the very people who will get the short end of the stick when the dictatorship gains its full power.   As our future dictator likes to Tweet…”Sad!”

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