Goodbye, America the Beautiful!

For all of my adult life I felt confident that if asked to present a list of values that make America great it would be a no-brainer.  It would have begun with honesty and truthfulness.  Close behind would have been integrity, compassion, humility and support of human rights, both here and abroad.    Of course of necessity it would have included strength and willingness to stand up to those who actively opposed our way of life or viciously subjected others to tyranny.   And finally, that the earth is a rapidly changing planet, socially, economically, technologically and environmentally and its protection in the face of human activity is essential.

That all went down the drain for me on November 8th when almost half America’s residents (those who were not too busy to vote for our future) actively voted in deference to all those qualities.  Instead they voted for a man who they accepted…lauded… to be an adept liar; who little cared of anything or anyone except growth of personal wealth; who disregarded science and fact as bothersome, particularly if it interfered with his selfish objectives; who bragged he had nothing to be forgiven for; and who claimed—and BELIEVED—he was the most intelligent being on this planet.

But that’s not the most disturbing aspect of this man’s character.  It is his anger at those who opposed him that has manifested itself in his delight in “rubbing our noses in it” by selecting the most disreputable and ill-informed members to his cabinet; those that most oppose the long traditions, laws and human rights advances of our country.   And his supporters cheer gleefully (as they do when an undetected illegal facemask grab leads to a victory for their team).  They have no ability to contemplate the irreversible effects on them as well as their country as a whole…and the world.

Their presidential choice has selected cabinet members and energy advisers who dispute and ignore the data of 97 percent of the world’s scientists regarding carbon emission-caused global warming that is not only threatening other countries but ours as well.   And others who believe our long standing tradition of public parks, forests and lands should be handed over to private entities for their “management” (which may well include foreign interests).

He has chosen a cadre of military cabinet members and advisors so as to reverse America’s long-standing tradition that civilians, not the military, control the actions of our armed forces and he brags of increasing our military might to further our economic goals.

He has selected America’s chief international representatives who in claiming to “get along” with the many aggressive dictators in other countries have shown to be eager to capitulate America’s long-standing values to them for economic benefit.

Are you scared yet?  If you’re reading this you’re likely already scared, although some of you still want to believe this is just a blip and things will all get back to normalcy in 4 years?  Unfortunately it is the nearly 50% of our voting population who doesn’t…won’t… read this…believe this; those who believe immediate and personal gratification is of a higher desire than long-term stability and world health; who would rather read Guns and Ammo, watch an NFL game, or drive their 4WD up an untrammeled hillside than to ring a bell for the Salvation Army, watch PBS, or read Time magazine.   Such is the recipe for a societal collapse and eventual extinction.

One response to “Goodbye, America the Beautiful!

  1. Hi Dean,

    I don’t want to comment on a specific article of yours, I like them all.
    I’m from your generation and I fully agree with you on most of the statements you made. I lived in Europe for forty years and now I have lived in Canada for thirty odd years.
    I’m deeply saddened the way things are going in our next door neighbor
    and have the feeling that it influences Canadians on the wrong way.
    I hope things will change for the better.


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