A Footnote to Genesis

Genesis 2(7 1 ) But on the eighth day, God said, “Hmmmm, I just might just need to create a failsafe in case the brain I created in humanity misfires. First, though, I’ll develop science to help humanity to understand their environment and give them the opportunity to create ways to make it better. But if that fails I’ll just flood the earth and drown the bastards. However, I’ll let a couple of them survive just to save the animals but I fear the less-intelligent, greedy ones could proliferate and occupy all the earth’s lands. Thus, to ensure a backup plan, I’ve created great pools of oil beneath the earth’s surface. Some of this will bubble up and, in time, men will discover it. They’ll find out it burns well, and eventually become slaves to it. They’ll wallow in it; sell and trade it; get drunk on it; and praise it. But, they’ll eventually discover by indiscriminately burning it they’ve eliminated the other resources that their kind and other life forms on earth require for life. It is good!”

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