PANAMA (Again!!!)



But it’s not just a canal!


What a place for birds… almost 950 species.  The birders in the group logged about 300of them in 8 days.  Not so good for the photographer (me) as the bulk of the birds were either high in the rain forest canopy or flitting through the dense undergrowth making finding, focusing, and photographing a real challenge.  Still…I got images of almost 50 species (that included 9 species of raptors), 7 mammals and various butterflies.


It was hot, humid and rained a lot but well worth the discomfort.


Lots of rainy days.


Finding a bird in here and trying to focus and get an image is easy…Right?


Open lands in the valleys provide extensive wetland habitats.

Here’s a smattering of the images I got:


Ornate Hawk-Eagle 3x

Ornate-hawk-eagle-The grand prize of the trip.

White & Black Hawk-eagle 3x

White & Black Hawk-eagle

Black Hawk-eagle 1x

Black Hawk-eagle

Yellow-headed Caracara 1x

Yellow-headed Caracara

Plumbous Hawk 1x

Plumbous Kite

Savannah Hawk 2x

Savannah Hawk

Pearl Kite 1x

Pearl Kite

Snail Kite 1x

Snail Kite-Coming in a close second

Striped Owl 1x

Striped Owl



Common Moorehen 1x

Common Moorehen

Pied Water Tyrant 1x

Pied Water-tyrant



Purple-throated Fruit Crow 1x

Purple-throated Fruit-crow

Golden-collared Manakin 1x

Golden-collared Manakin

Trogon 2x

Slaty-tailed Trogon


Smooth-billed Ani 1x

Smooth-billed Ani

Orange-chinned Parakeet 1x

Orange-chinned Parakeet

Linneated Woodpecker 1x

Linneated Woodpecker

Blue-crowned Motmot 1x

Blue-crowned Motmot

Chestnut-headed Oropendola 1x

Chestnut-headed Oropendola



Black-throated Mango 1x

Black-throated Mango

White-necked Jacobin 2x

White-necked Jacobin

Long-billed Starfrontlet 1x

Purple-throated Starfrontlet

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird 3x

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird



Tamandua 3x

Tamandua 1x

Tamandua-Very exciting to spend 10 minutes following this small anteater through the rainforest.

2 -toed Sloth 1x

2-Toed Sloth

3-toed Sloth 1x

3-Toed Sloth with baby

Sloths don’t move much so where they are when you see them, that’s where they stay.

Geoffery's Tamarin 2x

Geoffery's Tamarin 3x

Geoffery’s Tamarin-Only 9 inches tall with a 15 inch tail, they were lured with bananas

White-faced Capuchin 3x

White-faced Capuchin

Hower 1x

Black Howler Monkey

Bats 1x

Unidentified Bat

Agouti 1x

And the ubiquitous Agouti



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