Costa Rica

January, 2012

The big lens arrived 2 days before our long-awaited vacation to Costa Rica.  Kathy said, “You’re not planning to take that with us, are you?”  Dumb question!  I have a new super telephoto lens and I’m going to Costa Rica and I’ll leave it in the closet?  Sure…and Rick Santorum is to become the spokesperson for Viagra!  And anyway, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 T-shirts, a couple pairs of undershorts and my Tevas should be plenty for the week.  I can wear my boots, Hawaiian shirt and long pants on the plane and why would I need shaving gear while on a vacation?  I stuck my electric toothbrush in with the extra batteries for the camera, my daily doses of pills in a vacant pocket of my cargo pants, and my extra contacts and solution in another pocket.  Of course the tripod seemed a problem but aren’t you allowed a carry-on and a personal item when you board the plane? So the camera gear went in my carry-on backpack and the tripod was used as a cane as I limped through the TSA stations.  Then there was Kathy’s bag with 2 changes of clothes/day and winter wear just in case we got into a freak snow storm blowing in across the Equator.  We were on our way!

I won’t bore you with the details of our trip other than to say everything went perfect and we had a wonderful time.  The only hitch was the photography wasn’t very exciting…too many people in the National Park and on the beaches.  But the two-for-one pina coladas at our resort veranda, watching the sun go down in the Pacific every evening kept me mellow.  Here are the few shots worth looking at:


Three-toed Sloth


White-faced Monkey




Scarlet-rumped Tanager


Crab-eating Raccoon


Happy Hour




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